• Canalask Property Location
    Canalask Property Location

Property Location

The Canalask property is located 320 kilometers west of Whitehorse and is accessible from the Alaska Highway near Koldern. Yukon.

Target Deposit Type

Noril'sk type Ni-Cu-PGE-Au massive sulphide deposits.

Geology and Mineralization

The Canalask property is one of several nickel-copper-PGE properties in the Kluane Mafic- Ultramafic Belt in western Yukon. The property area is underlain by rocks of the Late Paleozoic to Middle Mesozoic Wrangellia Terrane. The Wrangellia Terrane, and the Alexander Terrane are believe to be part of the second major accretional event that make up the Canadian Cordillera and together they form the Insular Superterrane.


The Canalask property was last actively explored in 2008 during which time the operator conducted a total of 1,085m of diamond drilling. The drilling targeted areas identified by a VTEm survey with a goal to explore potential nickel and platinum group deposits associated with the White River Instrusive Complex, a member of the Kluane Mafic-Ultramafic Belt situated within the Wrangellia Terrane.

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